Thursday, May 29, 2008

Crazy Racist Family on The Tyra Banks Show

Hey I didnt post the video under that title so dont get all bent out of shape.

I love some of the comments though.....which have been disabled of course.

If i ever meet this family on the street... Well let's just say i would Wreck all of them.

ladiesman2271: fucking sick cunts, i would destroy him if i got the chance, beat the fucking shit of him for pushing his religion on the poor kids, and that STUPID FUCKING cunt of a woman, im jiz and my hand and throw it at her then proceed to slam her head into a fucking sidewalk for being so disrespectful against other races. WE ARE ALL HUMAN. BLACKS ARENT GOING TO ATTACK YOU THEY ARE NICE PEOPLE. get fucked all you crazy religious and racist cunts, and stop brainwashing ur kids motherfuckers

Jiz in your hand and throw it at her? Slam her face into the sidewalk for being disrespectful to other races? Wow such a heated response....

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