Friday, May 30, 2008

Haha the irony!

On May 24th I posted about the Upper Darby PD getting all pissy about fliers that were posted in their area.

They are up in arms over the "Guns dont kill people, dangerous minorities do..."but did they ever look at their own Most Wanted List?

How can they be all pissy....when ALL of their Most Wanted are all BLACK! Here are a few


Duhhhhh how about an even better one? Philadelphia PD's most wanted are.....HOLY guess it......ALL BLACK...minus one wetback at the end.

Dont get mad at just pointing out the TRUTH!


Jordan Alcock said...

Good on you!

Bob G. said...

Sounds JUST like the FWPD lists...
(and most of my neighborhood "locals")

Keep those hits comin'!